15bar Coffee Machine Concentrated Coffee Semi-Automatic Pump Type Cappuccino Machine Italian Coffee Machine CRM3605


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  • Brand Name: LZHZXY
  • Capacity (Cup): 11-16 cups
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Function: Espresso
  • Certification: NONE
  • Housing Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Name: 15bar Semi-automatic espresso coffee machine
  • Pressure mode: Pump pressure
  • Pressure: 15bar
  • Water tank capacity: 1.7L
  • Power: 1450W
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz
  • Size: 285*257*315mm
  • Product number: GL2128L

15bar Coffee Machine Concentrated Coffee Semi-Automatic Pump Type Cappuccino Machine Italian Coffee Machine CRM3605


After 15 minutes of inactivity, it will automatically shut down. This mode can save power and energy

Visual pressure gauge can help you control the best temperature for optimal coffee extraction. Thermostats adjust the temperature of the water and milk foam so that the taste of coffee can reach the ideal state, and the milk foam is rich and creamy.

Allows you to adjust the foam and steam levels to customize a variety of delicious espresso-based coffee. 360°rotating stainless steel frothing wand is more convenient to use.

Achieve a consistent and balanced espresso using the right amount of ground coffee. Using 2 spoons of coffee powder to make 2 ounces of espresso can get the full flavor and better taste.

Large-capacity Separated transparent water tank for easy to clean and easy water level checking. The clear pressure gauge can observe the pressure changes, visualized operation, electronic screen display, detachable water tray


CRM3605 Coffee Machine

CRM3605 Coffee Machine with Foaming Milk Frother Wand, Steam Espresso Maker For Home Barista. We are committed to provide you a best brewing experience.You can make authentic espressos, lattes and cappuccinos to suit your taste, in the comfort of your kitchen.

  • Visual Control Panel

  • Professional Italian ULKA Pump
  • With English Manual
  • Single Volume Boiler
  • Thermostats Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Steam Exhaust Strength
  • Food-Grade Easy View Removable Water Tank
  • Provide Velvety and Rich Texture Espresso

Elaboration and details

Higher than quality

One-button operation

One-key electronic

operation button,

free to choose

manual or automatic

mode, brewing different

amounts of coffee

LED display

Easily master the

coffee extraction time

Stainless steel

warm cup area

Cup warming function to

preserve coffee aroma

Large capacity

1.7L water tank

Use separate structure

Meet the needs of

making multiple cups


water tray

Removable, easy to clean,

simple and generous

Pre-soaking function, professional extraction

The pressure of the extracted coffee allows the steam to easily and evenly penetrate the coffee powder, extracting fine coffee oil.

①Pour proper amount of water into the powder cake first, so that the coffee powder is fully soaked, and the hydrophobic gas is exhausted so that the water powder can be more fully contacted and extracted in the subsequent brewing process.

②In a few seconds of standing time after a short water injection, the coffee powder is fermented in a vacuum environment, giving birth to a more fragrant aroma and rich taste.

User tips

1. Please check the dimensions before you purchase.Dimensions(W x H x D):28.5*25.7*31.5cm , net weight: 4.5kg

2. For better milk foam effect, it is recommended to fill the pitcher with milk and insert the frothing nozzle into milk about 1 cm.

3. Remove the detachable tank and fill it with desired water,the water level should not exceed the" MAX" mark in the tank.

4. With English manual.Please use this product according to the operating instructions.

5.51 mm tamper can be used for the portafilter of this espresso machine.

6.Giveaway:Cleaning brush*1, cleaning pad*1, English manual*1,single-layer filter handle*1, 350ml milk frothing pitcher*1

7. The powder in the single-cup powder bowl can be slightly concave on the surface of the handle, and the powder in the double-cup powder bowl can be slightly higher than the surface of the handle. After the two are pressed,the height of the powder cake should not exceed the groove line in the powder bowl, and it should not be too lower than the groove line.

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